What size components can we handle?

Single items weighing up to 35T – we have carnage that lifts directly off transport vehicles. Machining – are largest machine bed is 5M, we can machine larger items in multiple set-ups.

What is our capacity?

We have 11 CNC machines running 24hrs a day 5 days per week and a Saturday shift. We have a flexible workforce who are prepared to work Sundays – although this is charged at a premium.

How long will it take to quote?

For individual press tools please allow two days, for kits of tools a week. For CNC machining projects – same day is possible by a day preferred. We endeavour to return quotes as soon as possible but sometimes we have to wait for sub-contractor or material suppliers to get back to us.

What is “the right way?”

We don’t profess to solve the problem first time every time – but we do believe that a collaborative approach (customer, designer, toolmaker, management team) will solve a problem more effectively than one person. This is why we invest time in developing our staff’s skills – we have an ‘open door’ policy to staff feedback and we regularly interview our customers post project to ensure we delivered what they require, so that as a Company we can continue to evolve to meet our customer’s needs. It is, what we believe, “The Right Way” to do business.