Press Tools

Simulation & Process Design

Our recommended first step on the process of commissioning new sets of tools is to look at process development and design. Within this stage we work with leading third party contractors using the industries latest simulation software to understand the part and the forming method to ensure we minimise the opportunity of defects such as thinning, wrinkles and splits in material deformation and also take a look at estimated blank development.

Tool Design

Once process design is approved we work with designers to ensure we manufacture in a cost effective manner, minimising strip width and material usage. Die design is usually within Catia or Visi, industry standard design software so we are able to share design details with our customers.

Cad/ Cam

Utilising Delcam's Power Shape and Power Mill software we programme our 11 CNC machines offline to ensure that maximum run time on the machine is achieved. Software generated cycle times help us in planning capacity and workload over the whole of the machine shop.

CNC Machining

11 CNC machines each running 24hrs a day 5 days a week. Predominantly programmed offline using Delcam’s PowerMill software, the machines are capable of machining components up to 5m in length. The larger machines are fitted with multi-axis heads to enable efficient 3+2 CNC machining for complex angles on components.

Typically machining components in cast iron or steel, the machines also regularly cut a range of model boards, aluminium or aerospace grade steels. Maximum load weight on to the machines is 35T supported by the overhead crane capacity.

Toolmaking & Try out

For automotive purposes we design and manufacture:

  • Progression dies,
  • Transfer tooling and
  • Single op tools

Typical components have included brackets for seating components, A and B door pillars, floor panels and the bonnet from the Aston Martin One-77. We are approved by several of the world’s leading automotive OEM manufacturers and work directly for a majority of the UK’s OEM’s and Tier 1 companies.

In aerospace we design and manufacture tooling used in die quench and super plastic forming processes and have experience making a range of tooling that produces engine components and supporting brackets. We have a Rolls Royce vendor code and work with a range of leading tier one aerospace companies.

Our press tryout facilities allow you to see our tools in action. Our in-house tryout facility has the capacity to press up to 1,000 tonnes or 4.5 metres, giving us the opportunity to show you what our tools can do and you the confidence to commission your press tool.

Our press tryout facilities can also be used for low volume production runs and cover manufacture when your machine is non-operational.


Utilising a 7 axis Faro laser arm and traditional CMM machines, we are able to measure even the largest objects accurately and publish the results in a user friendly format using Delcams Power Inspect software.


Our toolmakers travel around the world commissioning tools in home lines once buy off has been completed in our facilities. Our experienced staff work around your production schedules to ensure the tools are producing correct parts before you fully buy off the dies.