As a leading UK aerospace tooling company, we manufacture products for use in engines, wings and the interiors of planes. As an official Rolls Royce vendor, we have mainly been involved in the production of engines; however, we are now producing more and more parts for wings and the interiors. Having completed projects on BR725, Future Lynx, A380, A350 and various engines from the Trent family we have established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading toolmakers in this sector. 

Using our experience in exotic material forming (normally at high temperatures) we design and manufacture press and mould tools to suit low volume production. Normally accompanied by welding fixtures, assembly fixtures and a range of laser fixtures we offer a full suite of tooling for low volume production needs. 

Our large CNC machining capability allows us to produce prototype engine parts for the latest aero-engine programmes, working either directly with prime customers or with their industrial partners, not only supplying manufacturing capacity but working as a development consultancy for the productionisation and development too.

We are also involved in the re-armour of military vehicles for the MOD. This work requires quick turnaround and flexible capacity demands to meet with the changing operational requirements of the defence department, which we are able to provide with our combination of expertise and equipment.